Senior Team Development

Senior Team Development


A leader’s success is commensurate with the results of his or her team. When teams are not operating at their highest levels, one or more of the following issues are typically at play:

  • Leaders have not mastered the art of empowering others; they think they have all the answers and don’t trust that their people can do the job as well or even better than they can.
  • Leaders are living with “B” talent to avoid conflict or the loss of institutional knowledge.
  • Roles and accountabilities are unclear.
  • Leaders are allowing behaviors that impede collaboration and trust.
  • The team has been poorly managed in the past.
  • There is a mix of old and new team members.


Gramercy Consulting helps leaders address many of these challenges through executive coaching in concert with team building interventions. We accelerate results dramatically through a process that gets the issues out on the table, creates new rules of engagement and gains team and leader buy-in to a new way of working. Success is sustained through ongoing coaching and team check-ins, with the ultimate goal being a self-sufficient team and leader with minimal need for external support.

Our team coaching process includes three key elements:

  1. Assess Needs: Assess team effectiveness and engagement through one-on-one interviews and formal assessment tools to uncover the underlying causes of limited performance.
  2. Design and Deliver Customized Off-Site(s): Typically one or more team off-sites focused on addressing the presenting issues.
  3. Provide Team Coaching: Delivered on a monthly or quarterly basis to facilitate the team’s progress and drive accountability for desired changes.

This process is highly customized depending on the situation.

A critical factor for top team performance is getting the right talent in the right roles.  Gramercy Consulting can provide role design, top talent assessment and recruiting support to assist you in this area.  See Consulting Services for additional information.