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Better Leaders. Better Results.

At Gramercy Consulting, our mission is to help leaders get better results. We work with executives of large companies who are in the C-Suite or on track to get there and Founders/CEOs of small to mid-sized entrepreneurial businesses.  When leaders in very important positions are living their best lives and delivering optimal results, it impacts the hundreds and thousands of people they are connected to.  Our clients are committed to developing personally and professionally in order to drive exceptional results.  We are passionate about helping them get there.

Executive Coaching

If you weren’t great at your position, you wouldn’t be in the C-Suite or on track to get there. But while you mastered functional aspects of your role, you probably…

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Executive Coaching

A leader’s success is commensurate with the results of his or her team. You wish you could hold your team more accountable for aspects of the business, but…

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Executive Coaching

Your business has grown to a point where the old ways of doing things aren’t working. You are rethinking your organizational structure and questioning…

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Our Business-Centric Approach

Leaders are paid to deliver business results.  Our marketplace difference stems from a highly business-centric approach that bridges the gap between personal development and business growth.  While many executive coaches are principally focused on a leader’s personal and professional growth, our approach addresses business needs from day one. At the start of each engagement, we work with leaders to:

  • Understand industry drivers that are shaping how customers buy their products or services and the stress this is putting on their business.

  • Discuss their strategic response to changes in the industry, review business goals and get clear on what success looks like.

  • Identify internal organizational issues that are constraining their success (e.g., talent, structure, process, senior team effectiveness).


“Thank you so much for all your advice, coaching and support you provided this past year. I know our time together is winding down, but I will always value the time I had with you and the impact you have had on my success at Aramark. You are the best!”

Vice President, Retail, Global Food Services Company

“I hired Thana Sakas to help me restructure my company’s top-tier management team that oversee sales, consulting, and ad agency. This was a complicated emotional task, but Thana is AWESOME. I wholeheartedly recommend her. She helped me re-establish my authority as CEO, downsize job descriptions, and get people into the roles needed.”

CEO, Consulting Firm, Healthcare Industry

“Thana, wanted to thank you again for all your help and support over the last eight months. I’ve learned so much from our coaching engagement. It has dramatically impacted my career and will carry me forward as I continue to grow.”

Senior Director, Healthcare Company

“Thanks again for the wonderful coaching. I enjoy you so much and feel that you came at just the right time for this ‘kick ass’ executive! I am so very grateful for you and for all you have done for me.”

Vice President, Product Development

“Thana, thank you again for last week.  Your insight, compassion and guidance really resonated with me and I appreciate everything you did to make the course meaningful and relevant.  I hope our paths cross again.”

Vice President/Participant, Executive Leadership Program, GSU

Our Business is Built on Client Referrals

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