Executive Coaching


I bet you weren’t prepared for the isolation and sometimes-overwhelming sense of ultimate accountability that accompanies the title after your name. Add to that the pressure to outperform each quarter, the feeling that you can’t quite rely on others to have a detailed understanding of figures, an unrelenting pace, the push for succession planning, stakeholder overload, a constantly shifting market, a team in transition… and you’ve probably come to realize that these are not one-time events. It’s easy to feel uneasy at times: it can get lonely at the top when you’re trying to find answers by yourself.

Sound familiar? The journey to becoming a great leader is never ending, with a myriad of challenges every day. Just when you feel you’ve mastered the role, new challenges arise that leave you feeling uncertain.


Just as elite athletes rely on a coach to keep them performing in peak condition, you can rely on me.  Where your years of formal training taught you to focus on controlling known facts, my coaching approach will help you explore and better manage the unknowns.

I’m the person you call when you’re ready to open up; when you’ve come to that point where you know you need someone you can rely on to help you get unstuck or move to the next level.  We try each other on for size. After having our first meeting, we commence Gramercy Consulting’s C-Suite Confidante™ process.

The C-Suite Confidante™ 4-Step process is tailored for each engagement and designed to help leaders live their best lives while delivering optimal business results.

Business Imperatives

Step 1.  We gain an understanding of what’s happening in your industry that is shaping how customers buy your products or services, discuss your strategic response to industry changes, review business goals and get clear on what success looks like.

Step 2. We identify key operational issues that are constraining your success and the factors that enable it.

Team Imperatives

Step 3.  We assess the degree to which you leverage your team to drive success and what needs to happen to enhance team effectiveness.

Leader Imperatives

Step 4. We look at what the organization needs from you as its leader to address what we uncover in steps 1-3, and the top three things that are keeping you stuck. I meet with people who know your work style and conduct one or more formal assessments to validate our assumptions, and then work with you to get through self-imposed barriers so that you can increase growth in your business, navigate relationships with more elegance and turn down the stress.

Measurable Results

In sports, coaching either pays off or it doesn’t; players either up their game or they don’t. The numbers are there. It’s easy to define success. In business, it’s just as important to assess the value of the coaching in terms of the leader’s performance. To do so, each engagement begins with the end in mind by creating the definition of success and the metrics used to measure it. In Step 4 of the C-Suite Confidante™ 4-Step process, the coach, the leader and the leader’s boss agree to a defined set of objectives for the coaching engagement and determine appropriate metrics. This definition of success is documented in a Coaching Agreement, which is signed off by all parties and assessed at the end of each engagement.


  • C-Suite Executives and employees with C-Suite potential
  • Business Owners of small to mid-sized businesses
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