Our Difference

At Gramercy Consulting, our mission is to help leaders get better results. We work with CEOs of small to mid-sized entrepreneurial businesses and executives of large companies who are in the C-Suite or on track to get there. They are committed to developing personally and professionally in order to drive exceptional results. When key people in very important positions are living their best lives and delivering optimal results, it impacts the hundreds and thousands of people they’re connected to.  We are passionate about helping them get there.

Even the best leaders get stuck. After several years of double digit growth, a business softens and the owner struggles to get it back on track. The Chief Technology Officer of a Fortune 500 company is stumped because she has a great plan and solid talent, but is still getting poor results. A top leader at a manufacturing company loses sleep and his family over competing priorities. A high potential leader is at risk of not getting selected for the promotion she is hoping for. Great reputations today do not guarantee success tomorrow.

OUR BUSINESS-CENTRIC APPROACH Leaders are paid to deliver business results.  Our difference stems from a highly business-centric approach that bridges the gap between personal development and business growth.  While many coaches and leadership consultants are focused 100% on the leader’s personal and professional growth, our approach is designed to address business needs from day one.  At the start of each Executive Coaching, Senior Team Development or Consulting engagement, we work with leaders to:

  • Understand industry drivers that shape how customers buy their products or services, and the stress this is putting on their business.
  • Discuss their strategic response to changes in the industry; review business goals and get clear on what success looks like.
  • Identify internal organizational issues that are constraining their success; including an assessment of senior team effectiveness.

Through this business lens, we help them gain clarity over what type of leadership is required to move the organization forward and what’s holding them back as leaders; and then coach them through behavioral shifts that will maximize their fulfillment and success. After working with Gramercy Consulting, here’s what happens:  

  • Leaders build senior teams they can rely on.
  • They spend more time focusing on future business opportunities and less time on daily operations.
  • They are better at getting people to do what’s needed to achieve the plan.
  • They gain awareness about what’s getting in their way.
  • Leaders are more satisfied with their lives.
  • They achieve better business results and have a greater impact on the people and customers they serve.

THANA SAKAS BIO Owner/Founder Thana Sakas brings 20+ years of line management and consulting experience that gives her a unique perspective when coaching CEOs and senior leaders. Throughout her career, she has developed a keen understanding of what it takes to succeed in leadership and drive change in the context of a variety of industry drivers, business imperatives and operational issues. She has held several key leadership roles, most with P&L responsibility and accountability for significant growth targets.

“There is no better way for key executives to get unstuck and live their best lives than to align themselves with the right confidante. I’ve always been that person; it happens naturally for me because I’m comfortable in my own skin and not intimidated by title, high IQs or big egos. I show up in a way that is direct, yet affable. I’ve run key business areas, managed sales organizations and consulted with Fortune 100, small and mid-sized companies on how to get people to do what’s needed to achieve their plans. Senior leaders are comfortable with me. They trust me. And I’m passionate about their success.” 

Thana delivers all of Gramercy Consulting’s Executive Coaching work.  She is the lead consultant and coach on Senior Team Development and Consulting projects and brings in a select team of top consultants as needed. Click Here for Bio

THE STORY BEHIND THE NAME Over 100 years ago, my grandfather came to the United States from Greece and sold flowers with a flower cart on 14th Street in New York City. In 1904, he built enough capital to establish the Gramercy Park Flower Shop on the corner of 21st Street and Third Avenue in Gramercy Park. The Gramercy Park neighborhood has always been an enchanting place with a private two-acre park in the middle. The Gramercy Park Flower Shop is still flourishing.  My father took over after my grandfather, and my brother after him. This family-run business has lasted for over 100 years, despite hundreds of new entrants to the market, because three generations of leaders stayed true to their focus on quality, integrity, hard work and a passion for delivering value to their customers – regardless of whether the order was a single rose or a wedding at The Plaza.  Gramercy Consulting is founded on the same principles. Thana Sakas Owner/Founder