The Challenge

Your business has grown to a point where the old ways of doing things aren’t working. You are rethinking your organizational structure and questioning whether or not you have the right people on your core team to take you forward. Your fast-moving Wild West culture has worked great for you thus far, but is starting to slow you down. Decisions are not made as readily; processes are unclear and mistakes are happening more often. Everyone wears multiple hats, but you and your employees are less clear on who wears what hat on any given day. Not to mention the fact that your own role is evolving as the business grows – or it should be.

You are reluctant to make talent changes because the cost of doing so is significant in terms of business continuity and the potential loss of institutional knowledge. Not to mention the fact that you have close relationships with individuals that may need to be replaced. These concerns result in inaction, which you know in your gut will bite you down the road.

The Solution

Gramercy Consulting helps small to mid-sized business leaders identify and prioritize organizational issues that are constraining their success – in terms of people, process and technology. We do so through a series of one-on-one interviews with key staff, custom-designed off-sites, and by providing tools and templates for action planning.

We then help the senior team prioritize and develop action plans to reduce or eliminate constraints, and partner closely with our clients to develop solutions regarding constraints in the following areas:

If Not Now, When?

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